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Bloody Banquet

Bloody Banquet is currently in the hands of my editor, which means that it shouldn’t be too awful long before it winds up on bookshelves… well, on virtual bookshelves everywhere.  I’d like to think that it won’t be too awful long before it ends up on physical bookshelves, but let’s be honest here, they’ll probably put out book one first, and since I still don’t have an ETA on that… I guess I’ll just focus on my end of things.

Anyway, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’m trying to pull off in book three, but I still need to organize a few of the major events and decide what foreshadowing I need for future books, and which lines of foreshadowing I need to make sure continue through this one.  I’m going to have to get a lot more organized, I think.  I’m also going to have to reread my books which I’m not looking forward to… hey, don’t look at me like that, I’ve already read both of them, like, half a dozen times while I was writing them!  There’s a limit to how many times you can read your own work before it starts to make you a little crazy.  Of course, I’m already pretty deep into crazytown, so maybe I just need to quit my bitching and get back to work.

Well, wish me luck, Book three, tentatively entitled ‘curdled cuisine,’ is going to be my focus for the next couple of months.

That being said, if you enjoyed book one, and if you like book two, please make a point of mentioning it to your friends.  As I understand it, I’ve currently sold about twenty-odd copies of Awfully Appetizing, which is somewhat on the disappointing side.

Anyhow, hope you’re all doing well, talk to you soonish.


Off to the Beta Readers!

So, about four or five hours ago I finished my first round of edits on Bloody Banquet, book two of the Corpse-Eater Saga.  I currently have it sent off to three beta readers, two who I’ve used before, and one new guy.  I also have feelers out to try to get one or two more, new beta readers.  If all goes to plan, I should get the manuscripts back sometime towards the beginning of August, at which point I’ll make a series of corrections, then read it through again and touch it up, and then… I guess I’ll be sending it to my editor.  Wow.  That feels fast.  I mean, sure, I’ve been working on it for a couple of months now, but it really feels like I’m calling an egg a chicken.

I am absurdly anxious about this.  God only knows what I’ll be like when I actually have to send it in.


Why is it that someone who wants to tell lies for a living has to spend so much energy trying to find out the truth?

Ugh!  Research!  I have to admit, research has gotten a  hell of a lot easier with the invention of the internet.  For those of you out there who never had to do any research before the invention of the internet… oh, god, you lucky little bastards!

Basically, whenever we had to research papers, the first thing we needed to do was schedule an outing to the library.  Some of us, myself included, had encyclopedias at home, but any time after elementary school our teachers were quite particular that we have a bibliography with four or five books in it.  So we went to the library and spent half an hour looking through a card catalog to get a list of books that might have what we wanted in it.  Of course, half the books we found weren’t available, and the other half were only nominally related to the subject we’d been assigned….

Trust me, it sucked.

But while the internet puts nearly limitless resources into your hands, the search engines of the world have not quite figured out how to sort through it all.  Or perhaps they have, but I haven’t quite figured out how to explain my requests well enough.  Probably a combination of the two.

Sometimes when I’m watching television or a movie there’ll be a scene where someone powerful will glance over at his or her assistant and tell them, ‘find out everything you can about her,’ or ‘get me the name of every corporation in the state that produces stool softeners for pregnant women,’ or demands some other random piece of bizarrely specific information.  One scene later they’ve got the list in hand.

Sure, what they do with the information is interesting, but what I want to know is how their assistant got all of that!  Is there a website somewhere with lists like that sitting around waiting for someone to ask?  Is there a guy you call?  My god, how do I get an assistant like that!

Those little gems

One of my favorite feelings, as a writer, is when I’m reading something I wrote a while back and I come across a section that I don’t remember, but love.  I’m working on book two of the corpse-eater saga, which I wrote a month or two back, and then set down for a bit.  I’m actually kind of stoked to find large swaths of text that I think are pretty danged okay.

I’m not saying that it’s the best writing I’ve ever read, but there are bits here and there that I just don’t remember writing, or thinking, and which do their job perfectly.

Sometimes it’s just a little bit of narration that uses an unusual, but appropriate analogy.  Sometimes it’s a section of dialogue that seems to fit the characters just perfectly.

I know that, as a writer, I still have work to do.  I need to try to improve my writing each and every time.  I need to learn to be open to new things.  I need to read more and write harder.  But it’s nice to see that the work I’ve done has led me somewhere.  I’ve made progress.  I am better today than I was yesterday, and I hope to be better tomorrow than I am today.

Just wanted to share that.

The Sophomore Slump

Have you ever noticed that amazing first books are often followed up by mediocre second books?  I mean, not always, but often enough to be worth noting.  For example, I consider Fool Moon, the second book in the Dresden Files, to be the low point of the series.  In that particular case, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. The book was still better than half the crap I’ve read, but still, of the sixteen or so books in the series, number two is the one I am least enthralled by.

Patrick Rothfuss’s debut, The Name of the Wind, got widespread praise, and rightfully so.  His second book, however, was generally considered to be a bit of a letdown.

I think I’ve sorted out why.

My first book, Awfully Appetizing, is the work of years.  Not to say that I spent every waking hour working on it.  Not even close, sometimes I went weeks without touching it.  But the thing is, I never had to work on it, so if I wasn’t feeling inspired, if I hadn’t sorted out whatever problem had made me stop working on it before, I simply left it alone, letting everything percolate in my head for a bit longer.

But my second book is supposed to be sent in by September.  There’s a time limit on it.  I’m on the clock.  If I don’t feel like working on it today?  Tough luck.  The work needs to be done.

Now, fortunately for me, I have a publisher who has indicated that she is open to pushing back my due dates a bit.  Fingers crossed that’ll hold true, but however understanding she is, I don’t think she wants to push release days back years, so the shift is still there.  I spent years working on book one, polishing it, sanding the rough edges, looking at it in different lights… compared to that, book two is going to be a rush job.