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Don’t WANNA write!

Oh, god… I thought I was blocked a week or two ago.  I was wrong.  So wrong!  Ugh, I can’t stand my writing right now!  Every time I try to write I get itchy and can only think of all the other things I could be doing.

I know I have to fight through it.  Eventually it will get easier again, and then I’ll hit that beautiful moment when I’d have to cut my fingers off to keep myself from writing.  I know it will come back around again.

But right now.  Oh, god, everything I think about writing seems hackneyed and cliched.  My fingers fight me over every word.  I can’t concentrate.


I will make it through.  I will make it through.  I will power through it.  I will…. ooh, something shiny!  I should go investigate that!

Just gotta vent

So I went to the gym tonight, and, as per usual, the stupid sinks there will not turn on.  They’re supposed to be the kind that you wave your hand under and boom, water.  Well I tried that on all three of the sinks and not so much as a drop.  this is not the first time this has happened.  So I complained at the front desk to one of the employees.  As I walked away I heard the other employee tell her ‘he won’t shut up about that.’

I know I’ve complained about it before, multiple times, in fact, but I’m not complaining to hear myself whine, I’m complaining because it bothers me, and I think it needs to be fixed, and I assume that if I complain to the employees they’ll pass the complaint on up the line, and hopefully at some point somebody will replace the stupid faucets with faucets that actually work.

I understand it isn’t the end of the world that they don’t work, and I know that the people I’m complaining to don’t have any control over that nonsense, but at least this is the right avenue for complaints.

Back when I was working at the theater we once had somebody complain about the rating of one of the movies.  That was absurd, not because she didn’t have a right to disagree, but because there was absolutely no connection between the theater and the rating.  We didn’t control that, our bosses didn’t control it, our bosses bosses didn’t control it, all the way up to whoever owned the place.

In this case I know that if the message goes up high enough it’s got to reach somebody who can do something about it.

Maybe I should have only complained once, maybe it was unreasonable of me to bring it up every time the sinks refused to work for me.  On the other hand, I really don’t see any other way to get them to change that.  And when somebody does something that makes me feel like I’m being an asshole, it starts a loop of self doubt an anger that takes a really long time for me to turn off.  So I really want to punch that guy in the face.

But I suppose that’s my problem, not his.

But I still want to punch him in the face.