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The problem with t.v. shows…

So, one of the problems with television shows in general, not all, mind you, but many of them, is that they tend to lack a permanent and unifying vision.  Maybe that wasn’t the plan going in, but, you know, things happen: writer’s strike, directors have a falling out with producers, people die, producers start demanding stupid stuff.

Since television shows are made over long periods of time, while they are simultaneously being released, watched, judged, ignored, etc etc etc, you never know exactly what’s going to go wrong.  But television shows seem to be uniquely able to start off great and then run themselves right off the rails.

I’m a little afraid that this is what’s happening to the television series extant.  i really REALLY enjoyed the first season, and I was more happy than not with the second season so far, but this last episode just got… weird.  Suddenly the moral ambiguities that made the show so interesting are being replaced.  People are saying stupid lines to convey their emotions instead of just showing it.

Maybe it’s setting up for something interesting, maybe I just can’t see it, but this episode feels distinctly wrong to me.  Oversimplified.  blah.