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Reconnecting with nature, sort of

So, I’m away from home for a couple of days.  Specifically, I’m on a farm.  It isn’t exactly a nature preserve, but I’m definitely spending more time around plants and animals out here, and I have to say: I forgot how disgusting nature is!

There are a number of fruit trees on the property, and I’ve been going out and checking for ripe fruit periodically.  The problem is, I’m not the only one checking.  There are beetles and wasps and ants checking as well.  And man, once they start in on a fruit, it goes bad FAST.

Usually it’s the wasps that I have the most trouble with, mostly because they’ll hide on the far side of a fruit, then attack you when you grab at it, but this year the beetles are the ones driving me crazy.  They’re so bloody aggressive!  And loud!  You’d think that something that can’t sting would go running instead of trying to chase you away from its fruit.  Sorry, Charley.  If I’m going after anything anywhere near them, BZZZZZZZZ!  Divebomb!

I’ve got to take a net out there or something, see if I can catch a few of those bastards and feed them to the chickens.

Well, on the upside, even when the fruit is spoiled, I can always put it in the mulch pile… the mulch pile has had so many fruits and vegetables dumped into it that it’s basically a giant pile of maggots right now, which is AWESOME, because you can dump fruit in and just watch them devour it.  Why do I find the insects on the trees gross, but the ones in the pile cool?