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Shared Disappointment

So, it occurred to me the other day that I had, in fact, left up on my website outdated information.  Specifically, despite the fact that it is December, and I have neither my first book out in print, nor my second book out in e-format, my webpage proudly announces that both should be out before Halloween.

Actually, I haven’t done anything with my website in about a month and a half.  It isn’t because nothing has been going on with me; plenty has been going on.  Sadly pretty much everything in my world has been a bit of a letdown these last couple of weeks.

And let’s face it; nobody really wants to share bad news.

Well, that’s not entirely true: we all have a great-aunt or great-uncle out there who’s only too happy to tell us about their latest growth, goiter, expellation or discharge.  But when it comes to our professional woes, the vast majority of us would rather sit on the latest bit of bad news, at least until we have something encouraging to soften the blow with.

But I think that this is a mistake.

Years ago, back when I was first trying to write movie scripts, I had a bad experience.  Or, to be slightly more accurate I should probably say that I had a Bad Experience.  Long story short, things had started to go wrong on this project I was involved in, and rather than tell us what was happening the guy in charge cut of communication entirely.

I don’t just mean that he stopped updating us, I mean that for several months he refused to answer any e-mails, or his phone, and everyone involved in the project found themselves in a state of limbo.

Now, writing books is a little bit different.  Very few other people are involved in the artistic side of the project with me, but I think that readers should be viewed as participants in your project, and I think that participants deserve to be kept abreast of any happenings.

So… just to clarify, my second book has been put off until March of next year, and I have no idea when my first book will be available in print.