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Just Another Apocalypse

So, a couple of years ago, while visiting with some friend and friends of friends at a ‘bacon party,’ I got an idea for what I think would be an awesome theme party to throw.  Actually, I’ll go a step further than that, it was the second best theme party idea I’ve ever heard.  For the record, the best idea for a theme party that I ever heard was from a guy I worked with a few years ago who wanted to have a halloween party where everybody came as a character portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.  Just take a moment and think about how freaking awesome that party would be.

Anyhow, the idea that I had, the second best idea, is an end of the world party.  Specifically, whenever some doomsday cult or crazy-ass preacher, or ancient prophecy by nostradomus or some long dead civilization is said to predict the end of the world on such-and-such day, you schedule a party.  Now, I know what you’re thinking: what makes an end of the world party awesome?

Several things.  First of all, the date of the party is more or less random.  I mean, sure, you might find out about one doomsday declaration five years out, but some of these lunatics only give you a month or two notice.  You might go three or four years without having a party, and then have it come up three times in one year!  Second, the party decorations would slowly expand.  The first time you throw it, you only have to decorate for this particular apocalypse.  Is an alien ship going to fly around the moon and carry away the faithful?  Great: build an alien craft and a moon, maybe a couple of aliens, and everybody comes dressed in the appropriate cult attire.  But next time you throw the party, you put up decorations for both the last apocalypse and the new one!  this time the mayan gods are coming to destroy us?  Fantastic, we need a stepped pyramid, Mayan gods and mayan art.  Oh, and go ahead and put that alien ship behind it, and… honey, what did you do with those aliens I had stored in the garage?

Sure, the first party may seem a little dry, but by the fifth you’re going to have guys in grey robes with shaved heads hitting on girls wearing ancient priestess garb while the resurrected t-rex fellow works the tap.

What else makes this party epic?  Dude, do I have to spell it out?  This is an end of the world party.  Have you ever partied like there is no tomorrow?  Because that’s the theme, dude.

And, hey, if that isn’t epic enough for you, go ahead and tell everybody that they have to come dressed up like a Samuel L. Jackson character facing the end of the world.