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Stuff that should change

Vaguely related to the topic from earlier today, about how north being the direction of cold is very much a  northern hemisphere attitude, one of the things that bothers me in science fiction is when, a thousand years in the future, on distant planets and distant suns, we still operate in today’s hours, days, minutes, weeks, etc.  Those are not arbitrary.  They’re based on the rotation of the planet we happen to be on, and the revolutions it makes.  If humans are living on a distant planet in ten thousand years, chances are, we’ll be working with a whole new system.  I mean, sure, we’ll need hour-ish units for some things, and day-ish units for others, and second-ish units… but the idea that we’ll take the julian calendar with us to a new stellar system is… well, it just doesn’t seem likely to me.