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The Genre Thing

So, my publisher recently purchased an advertisement spot for my book.  Well, she purchased an advertisement spot for a bunch of the books she represents, one of which was mine.  It’s very exciting, the image of my book is about to appear in a magazine.  I’m kind of stoked.

The one thing that bothers me is that the magazine in question is a horror magazine.

My writing is, to my mind, much more comedy oriented.  Action?  Sure.  Adventure? Why not.  Fantasy?  Definitely.

But horror?  I mean, sure, my main character is a monster from nightmares, but it’s from his point of view and he really doesn’t see himself as horrific.  Okay, he kind of does, but… that’s not really the way it’s supposed to come across.

The thing is, I desperately want people to read my book.  Anybody, really.  I mean, I’m getting to the point that when the book comes out in print I may just run up and down the street throwing copies of it at people and screaming ‘read this!  Read it!’

But I’m a little worried about people coming to the book with the wrong idea in mind.  I’ve had plenty of times when I’ve read a book or watched a movie and been disappointed, not in the quality of it, but in the fact that it wasn’t what I was looking to experience right then.  Am I setting potential readers up for that disappointment?  And should I be worried about that?

My publisher is very horror oriented in most of her work.  She is, apparently, trying to expand into urban fantasy, and I’m glad she is, but a lot of the connections that she has right here and now are horror connections, and I’m a little worried….

In fairness, though, I’m always a little worried.  It’s my nature.  It’s why I take pills for anxiety.