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Wanna free book?

A while back it occurred to me, after going to a couple of book signings, that book signings don’t seem to be massively effective.  Basically, if you want to get a bunch of people there, and you aren’t already famous, you have to do a lot of advertising, make sure that ALL of your friends promise to come, and tell them to invite all of their friends, too.

So, what you end up with at a typical book signing is a bunch of people you know, and a couple of people that they know, and maybe two or three people who saw an ad and thought ‘what the heck,’ or just stumbled across the signing by accident.

Now, there are other styles of book signings which generally seem to involve setting up a table in a high traffic area, bringing a lot of books, and hoping that your nifty cover draws some attention.  Apparently those can work, although in many cases what you end up with are sore feet and three or four sales.  So, you know, just make sure you don’t have to pay anybody to set up your table.

What occurred to me back when I had friends setting up book signings was that a multi-author book signing event would probably work a lot better.  For one thing, larger events tend to attract more people.  If you have one author signing books it’s easy to say, ‘eh, probably a terribly written story inspired by a role playing game.’  But if you have five or six authors signing books, it lends the event an air of legitimacy.  Plus, if five or six people invite all of their friends, chances are that some of the people who are hearing about your book don’t actually know who you are.  it’s actually possible to expand your audience, which, needless to say, is kind of the point of the whole damned thing.

To my surprise, an author friend of mine invited me to an online book release party.  Not just to attend, but also to be one of the hosts, talk about my books and my writing, and even give away a few copies of my book.

I wish I could give away physical copies, but as stated before, there are some issues with that.

Anyhow, the event is coming up on the 12th and is on facebook:

Please feel free to attend if you’d like to have a chance to get a free copy of my book, or one of the other hosts, most especially J.A. Kazimer, who is writing the Deadly Ever After series, and whose second book is about to be published.

I’m quite excited to be involved in a multi-author book release.  I still think that it would be cool to set up a multi-author book signing… but there would be a lot of logistics involved there.  Maybe someday.