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Online Book Release

so, I think I mentioned in an earlier post that a friend invited me to host for a little bit at an online book release party.  Well, that was yesterday, and I’m glad I went.  I’m not sure that I actually managed to sell any books.  Most of the people who were there appeared to be fans of the adult romance genre.  Frankly, I suspect I was invited because they had a time slot to fill, and nobody else to offer it to.

But I’m glad I went, because it was quite informative.  There were things that were done well, and things that were done less well.  There seems to be a subtle art to setting these things up.  Although I will admit that the way the facebook page works doesn’t seem particularly conducive to what we were trying to set up.  If you were involved with more than one thread, more than one conversation, you basically had to be clicking all over the place constantly.  Finding your way back to a conversation, or to find the right place to put down a particular question or comment is a little bit more difficult than it needs to be.

But the real trick seems to be getting people ‘in the door’ so to speak.  Like with any book release, it’s almost like pulling teeth to get people to come.  I think that if I ran a few of these I could get a reputation for throwing fun parties, which would help, but there needs to be something else to motivate people.  Like a raffle with a really nice grand prize.

I don’t know.  I’ll have to think on it.  The medium has a lot of potential, but at the moment it isn’t being utilized like you would hope.