All done, except for the waiting

It’s out!  Or rather, it’s as far out as I can put it.  Apparently it will take up to seventy-two hours before Bloody Banquet is actually, really and for real AVAILABLE, but I’ve done my part.

I’m excited.  And nervous.  And I need to get back to work on book three…

Curdled Cuisine!

Only a Day Away!

No, not an ‘Annie’ revival, the official release of my second Corpse-Eater Book!  Bloody Banquet is currently being reviewed on Create Space, so in twenty four hours I should officially be releasing it out to the world!

Bloody Banquet has been ready to go for a while now, unfortunately I had a little trouble with the cover.  Funny story, it turns out that cover art can be downright expensive!  Thankfully, I was able to come up with a photograph that a friend filtered for me, and made something that… well, it’s not brilliant or anything, but dammit, it’s good enough!

Now, the bad news is that I don’t know how long it takes between when I okay the book and when it’s actually really and for real available, I think it’s a day or so.  I’ll work on that, though, you just get ready to read.  Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Man… I used a lot of exclamation marks on this one.