In Print!

It’s amazing!  It’s Wonderful!  It’s finally happened!

Awfully Appetizing is available IN PRINT!!!!  I’ve been waiting for this for… like a year.

I need to thank Mo Happy for helping me make this dream a reality.

Awfully Appetizing is available on Amazon for 9.99!


So, it’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog.  Actually it’s been a lot of little whiles all in a row.  Sorry about that.  I’ve never been very good at this type of thing.  I tried keeping journals when I was younger… which is why now, every once in a while when I’m going through old notebooks, I’ll find a couple pages of idle musings followed by fifty seven blank pages.

I always start with such good intentions.  ‘I’m going to write something every single day,’ or some such nonsense.  Then I hit a roadblock of some kind, lose a day or two, after which I feel guilty and skip it because I don’t want to think about how I let myself get distracted…. again.  Two years later I find the evidence of my latest attempt, wince, and quickly start doing something else.

It’s what happens when I try to get on twitter, start a blog, write a penpal, go to the gym.

What can I say, sometimes it’s a wonder that I still get out of bed in the morning.

Anyhow… I guess I should share what’s been going on with me lately:  So, I got dropped from my publisher, Winlock.  It wasn’t as bad of an experience as you might think.  Basically the publishing company that owns Winlock told them to drop people who hadn’t had a lot of book sales, and I was one of those people.  The reason I hadn’t had book sales… or more accurately, the reason I hadn’t promoted my book more vigorously, is that I was waiting for the book to come out in print.  I’ve got plenty of people who will buy a copy of my book as soon as they can, unfortunately most of them don’t own kindles or nooks or whatever.

The cool thing was that the woman who runs Winlock went out of her way to help me get Awfully Appetizing into print, even though it now isn’t her property.  She’s been really awesome about the whole deal and I’m very happy to have worked with her, even briefly. So, thank you Mo.

Anyhow, I’ve got a couple of minor details that I need to take care of, after which I should be able to get Awfully Appetizing set up as a print on demand book, which is what I’ve wanted for a while now.  Believe me, I’ll let you know as soon as I know, and I’ll be trying to figure out new and exciting ways to promote it, too.