The Tools of the Trade

So… I need to get some business cards.  Again.

I have business cards I made for my writing back when I wrote under my real name.  They’re pretty good.  But now that I’m writing under Leod Fitz, I need some new ones.  Standard tool of the trade, to be tucked here, lay there, and slipped into the hands of everyone with whom I happen to discuss my writing.

On the one hand, I feel kind of silly about getting business cards.  It kind of feels like a desperate plea to be taken seriously.  But it’s not about that.  It’s about people having horrible memories.  How many times have you heard something mentioned in conversation and told yourself, ‘I’m totally going to do something with that information when I get home.’

Well?  How many times did you do it?  And that’s just the stuff you remember forgetting.  If I had a penny for every time I found myself standing still, brow furrowed, gnawing on my lip muttering, ‘I was going to do something when I got here.’

Writing is easy.  I mean, it isn’t easy to become a good writer, but once you’re there, the writing itself is the easy part.  Editing is just a bit harder.  But promoting?  That’s the trick.  And god do I suck at it.  But it’s easier if you have the right tools of the trade with you.  Business card is key.  I know that.  You should also probably have other stuff.  And once I figure out what that other stuff is, I’ll let you know.

Or not.  It might be one of those things that’s only effective if nobody else knows about it.


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