Book Review: LIFE in the 23rd century

I posted both here and on my website about my friend, Jason Richter’s, new book which he has submitted to a contest at Inkshares in hopes of winning it’s publication.

Jason and I are peer critique partners, so I had the good fortune to read this book several months ago.  He’s asked me to write a review of the book for him, a brief one, so… here we go:

Life in the 23rd century is a thinly (very thinly) veiled satire of American consumerism, corporations, politics, fearmongering, and pretty much all the other crap associated with life in these United States.

But satire is everywhere these days.  What makes this one special?

I’d have to say it’s mostly the crowbar. Although, let’s be fair, the scathing mockery of politics and corporate shills doesn’t hurt either.

Some books are written to educate. Some books are written to enjoy.  This book was written to be banned.


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