Off to the Beta Readers!

So, about four or five hours ago I finished my first round of edits on Bloody Banquet, book two of the Corpse-Eater Saga.  I currently have it sent off to three beta readers, two who I’ve used before, and one new guy.  I also have feelers out to try to get one or two more, new beta readers.  If all goes to plan, I should get the manuscripts back sometime towards the beginning of August, at which point I’ll make a series of corrections, then read it through again and touch it up, and then… I guess I’ll be sending it to my editor.  Wow.  That feels fast.  I mean, sure, I’ve been working on it for a couple of months now, but it really feels like I’m calling an egg a chicken.

I am absurdly anxious about this.  God only knows what I’ll be like when I actually have to send it in.


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