A right and wrong way to blog?

So, I’ve been glancing around at a few other blogs, mostly the blogs of people who are following me, and I’ve found them to be strangely organized and well thought out.

It makes me a tad bit insecure, as my approach to blogging has been more of a stream of consciousness type thing.  Well, maybe not stream of consciousness, but closer to that than it is to what I’ve been seeing.

I’m writing this blog, primarily, as a means to promote myself as a writer.  As such, maybe it would make sense if I were to spend some real time on these things, sculpt them into complicated and meaningful works of art, or deep introspections.  Then again, if I was reading the blog of someone I was thinking about reading, would I want an essay or a casual conversation?

Eh, I’m overthinking it.  Frankly I suspect that blogs are only nominally more effective at promotion than twitter is, and twitter, as best as I can tell, now consists primarily of advertisers advertising at each other and occasionally re-posting something random so that people will think that they actually read what comes across their feed.

God, as much as I love writing, I hate promoting.  It would be bad enough if we knew that it was actually effective, but we don’t.  No way to be sure what, if anything, actually works.


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